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About Uta Mall

About Uta Mall

Find your Utopia
at Uta Mall

Uta Mall is a culture and shopping complex connected to Sungshin Women’s University Station on Line 4.

You can experience the synergy of a brand new paradigm of cultural lifestyle by a combination of culture, shopping, entertainment, fitness club and medical facilities in one place.

It provides a 16-story reasonable and trendy culture and shopping complex including 2 basements and 14 floors as well as convenient parking facilities in harmony with the surrounding Seongbuk area.

Landmark in Seongbuk
Culture, Fashion, Health, Life
Complex Lifestyle Shopping Mall

Theatre that gives you more than “Culture”, smells like sweet popcorn.
Clothing stores that lead the latest “Fashion” trend.
Fitness club and high-end medical facilities that combine “Health”and “Life”management.
Moreover, we provide a differentiated experience with the entertainment that fills your everyday life with joy and happiness.

Uta Mall, the central landmark in Seongbuk, promises to grow along with the area as we always have since the shopping mall was open in 2009.

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